About Counseling and Therapy - South Side Chicago

Your Consultant Site is the website for REACH Inc. REACH Inc (Raise Esteem and Create Harmony) was established by Will Barnes in 1973 to help individuals and families deal with relationship problems, overcome depression and anxiety, manage stress, and change difficult child behavior.  

My motivation for starting REACH Inc arose from my concern with Black children's being moved from one foster home to another, often being physically and sexually abused in these homes, and the State either ignoring the situation or moving the children to an equally bad foster home.

When many of these children became teenagers they frequently ran away from these homes often with the girls becoming prostitutes and the boys getting recruited into criminal gangs. My organization then began rescuing these runaway teenagers and placing them in safe homes. 

As a result, I established a child welfare agency, recruited foster homes, trained the foster parents, got them licensed and began placing youngsters into these foster homes where I was directly responsible for the supervision.

Into the 1990s I began to concentrate on helping Black churches and other independent Black organizations to establish child welfare agencies, begin recruiting foster homes, and to duplicate my efforts.

Now, in 2017. my concentration is on providing  individual, family and couples counseling and therapy to address the problems associated with relationships, overcoming depression and anxiety, managing stress, and changing difficult child behavior. 

Call right away, (773) 614-3201, if you are experiencing any of these problems.